Afraid To Lose

By | September 22, 2017

Afraid To Lose

by Joe Bonura, CSP


Be Determined To Win

Are you afraid to lose, or are you determined to win? I heard this recently, and it really made me think. Fear is a motivating factor, and so is determination. One is positive, and the other is negative.

Your Choice

In sales, you make choices every day, and those choices will determine whether you will succeed or fail in your efforts.

Where Are You Going?

Each choice must be preceded by a desired outcome. The outcome or goal is what you want to accomplish. The goal or outcome is a magnet that pulls you toward a predetermined destination.

Drifting Along

Without the magnet, you drift along waiting for life to happen, rather than making life happen. If you decide to go to the supermarket, you see the supermarket in your subconscious before you begin driving.

Why Am I Here

If you have been there before, your mind guides you to the market, turn by turn, until you are in the parking lot. You must also know why you are going to the market. Either you will have a list or an idea of needed supplies before you get out of the car.

Dry Cereal

Now you can be motivated to go to the market out of fear or determination: Fear that you won’t have milk for cereal in the morning, or determination that you will have milk for cereal in the morning.

What Is Your Hot Button?

What motivates you to make a sales call? Is it fear, or is it determination to succeed? Sales people that use fear to motivate themselves are not always as successful as those who use determination as a motivation.

Less Stress

Why? Because fear creates stress, and stress always takes a toll on productivity. Determination, on the other hand, creates a sense of accomplishment and a can-do attitude.

Super Bowling

You see this principle at work in competitive sports all the time. In this year’s Super Bowl, the New England Patriots were afraid to lose. Their performance did not match their rhetoric. They had a chance to be the second team in NFL history to have an undefeated season. You could see and feel their fear of losing.

The Jolly Blue Giants

The New York Giants had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The Giants were determined to win, and they became Super Bowl champions. They visualized the outcome before they entered the field. Their triumphant destiny was predetermined by their positive attitude.

Not Too Late

You sell from the fear standpoint when you don’t make the calls that are required to make monthly quotas. The game (or month) is almost over, and you failed to see the outcome in advance.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve

Determination keeps a sales person ahead of the curve. If you are selling from a base of determination, you plan your results in advance, and you know that you will accomplish your goals at the end of the month.

Do It Daily

You must renew your determination every day, or you will be selling because of fear of failure, instead of pleasure of accomplishment. Ask yourself – where am I now, and where do I want to be at the end of the month?

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