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by Joe Bonura, CSP

Meet 2018 Head-On

365 days are ready for you. Are you ready to meet them head-on with a new resolve and deliberate direction? Each day is fruitful and overflowing with opportunity. Are you serious about beginning a new year full of meaning and significance by forming new and improved habits and performance?

Commit To Success

In addition to setting new goals for the coming year, you must capitalize on the direction that you are already going with more of a commitment to succeed. Analyze the things that you did right in 2017, and plus them in 2018. Think of some new and exciting results that you want to materialize in 2018, and write up an action plan.

Time for an LPS

Trade in your GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) for an LPS (Life Positioning Satellite). Set the destination that you want to achieve, and turn on to advance. What do you see yourself having, being, or doing differently by December 31, 2018? How differently will your life look then, than it does now? Think in terms of faith, family, friends, finances, physical, and community goals.

Live the Promise

I have set a goal to play the piano by December 31, 2018. Now that I have set the direction in my LPS, I will devote fifteen minutes a day to the cause. I want to live the promise from an old advertisement, “They laughed when I sat down, but when I started to play…” I have taken the first step; I purchased an online piano course that guarantees that I will be playing like a pro in one year.

Small Steps = Big Accomplishments

I have also committed to making a minimum of ten phone calls each day to new sales prospects. That one is already paying off. Small steps lead to big accomplishments. Just try it for two weeks, and see what begins to happen. You know the expression, “Beginning is half done.” Beginning creates momentum, and momentum appears at the front door with a paycheck and new opportunity.

Mission Possible

My wife and I saw the new “Mission Impossible” movie. WOW! It was an action-packed adventure that held our attention from start to finish. Since they always accomplish their task in the “Mission Impossible” series, they should rename the movie, “Mission Possible.” Similarly, if you know your goal, and you have a great plan, it is almost impossible to fail. The next time, in this new year, that you are faced with what looks like insurmountable odds, go for it anyway. It will stretch your capabilities and increase your opportunities, and you will write a new life script called, “Mission Accomplished.”

Ring In the New

So now is the time to ring out the old (old thinking) and ring in the new (new thinking), so that 2018 will become your best year ever. In the movie “Rocky Balboa,” Rocky motivates his son to stop belly aching and start succeeding by telling him that life is going to knock you down again and again, but your success will be determined by how many times you get up and try again. Good advice for all of us, yes?

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