The End of My Journey Has Finally Begun

By | June 30, 2017

Ok so where should I begin? , At the beginning I hear you shout.

Well to start at the beginning would make this post very long, you see I have been on a very long journey ……

The power and wealth that the internet has to offer cannot be denied, and there are a lot of people out there making some serious Bucks $

I began searching many years ago for the Holy Grail of get Rich quick for doing nothing schemes.

My first money making promise of financial freedom (some 18 years ago!, where does time go?) Was delivered to my home address in a Ring Binder and promised me if I followed the steps I would receive much wealth and the dream lifestyle only the rich and famous usually enjoy. Well dream maybe but reality it wasn’t. Things have changed over the years and due to digital downloads you don’t have to wait for your ring binder to be delivered anymore, you can pay the fee download, breeze through it, delete it and move on to the next promise of a “6 figure income for just a few seconds work a day!”

If only half was true they told the truth, wouldn’t that be amazing!

I’ve tried pretty much everything And wasted so much time and money, maybe I was just gullible or maybe just overly ambitious, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? All be it a little poorer.

So anyway, I can honestly say I have finally found what I was looking for and am so excited (even more than waiting for the postman to deliver my Ring Binder) for what the future holds for me.

I quite by chance found myself in a conversation with a guy who makes his living from income streams on the internet and he pointed me at, I know what you’re thinking right now! This is where I post a pic of a photo shopped payment statement, well sorry to disappoint. Let me tell you, this site has it all, from training videos, help, advice, software and tools, you even get your own website, it’s a very big community of likeminded people all with the same goal, to make an income from the internet. All the help and advice you could every possibly need to help you succeed is right there in one place, and the best bit! Its free to join so you can have a good look around and get a feel for what’s going on, when you realize like me that this what you’ve been looking for you can upgrade to premium and unlock the full potential from the site. If like me you’ve tired of searching, really do yourself a favor and go check it out, you’ve nothing to lose, and who knows maybe one day we will be neighbors in the Bahamas.

Watch this Space……….

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  1. Richard E Wich

    Official business,I met this person called(Carlton Sheet(s)back in the(1990’s)he sold me personally a Real Estate kit,I took the Kit into my local community to invest first question was is this that TV kit.


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