You Versus The Economy

By | October 6, 2017

Rocky, Rocky, Rocky

you versus the econmy

Does the present state of the economy have you feeling like Rocky Balboa after his first match with Apollo Creed? Do you get an empty feeling in your stomach every time you fill up your car’s gas tank? Do you wish that you could close your eyes and wake up when it’s all over?

Don’t Join The Club

Many sales people feel that way in these turbulent times. The question is, “What are you going to do about it?” Wringing your hands and mumbling to yourself will not change anything. The government will not change anything. The economy will not change anything. There is a sales group out there who belong to the “Chicken Little Club.” Don’t join the club. (click or copy and paste this link to see my article on Chicken Little:

You, You, You

The only thing that can change anything is you. That’s right, YOU! When times are bad, it is time for YOU to be good, not just good, but great. Are you stuck on ready, set? In a race, the starter says, ready, set, go. Most people get stuck on ready, set. They don’t GO.

Just Do It

Nike had an answer for all of those stuck on ready, set. In my opinion, it was their best commercial ever . . . “Just Do It!” Stop sitting around feeling sorry for yourself, and stop waiting for someone else to get the ball rolling. Rock and Roll your own ball. Just keep in mind that when times are tough, the tough get going, and the competition falls by the wayside, losing to those who are out there making things happen.

Pick It Up

Take a look at your client list today, and pick up the phone and start calling. Use the “magic pointer” system: Put your finger on the page and pick a number, any number. Give them a call. When you hang up the phone, pick it up again and dial again, and again, and again. Before you know it, you will be in the calling mode, instead of the crying mode. Leave the tears to the competition.

Your Worst Enemy

The only thing that hinders your success is You. Step aside and move yourself to the next level. The cartoon character Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and he is us.” You can change your results by changing your actions. Actions do speak louder than words. Stop feeding yourself negative thoughts, and you will open the door to success, in spite of a poor economy.

Fill It Up

Rather than concern yourself with the cost of gasoline, simply earn more money so that you can afford the gas, and not worry about the cost. The key to making more money is making more sales calls. I have experienced many so-called slow periods, and at the same time, I have had some of my best years in those economically poor years. Why do you suppose? Because the playing field is narrowed, and there are fewer proactive sales people in the competition.

Ready Or Not

Are you ready, or not? It is up to You. There is only one vital alternative, and that is to take action. I can still see Rocky, after his tenth knock-down, taunting Apollo to continue fighting. Get off the mat now. Pick up the phone now. Make some sales calls now! What are you waiting for? Take the fight to the economy; don’t let the economy take the fight to you.

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